AIDA64 Comes To Windows 11

You Can Be A Benchmarker Too

FinalWire have just launched AIDA64 v6.50 with support for a variety of new hardware as well as full compatibility with Windows 11.  If you have ever wanted to know what temperature your NVMe drive is running at, the microcode version of your CPU or the revision of your motherboard all in one place, AIDA64 is worth checking out.  You can see the different versions here, and even download a trial version to check them out.

This version of AIDA64 will add support for Intel’s upcoming Alder Point-S LGA-1700 as well as an assortment of the new HPC chips from NVIDIA, not to mention adding AMD’s almost impossible to find 4700S SFF system.  As core counts increase, they have also improved support for CPUs with over 64 cores.

If you recall the Aqua Computer LEAKSHIELD we posted about a while back and were interested in trying it out one day, AIDA64 can now accurately access the sensors on the system which should make the system even safer to use.  Check out the full list of new features here.

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