Bethesda’s New Starfield Trailer Offers As Much Detail As The First One

A Bit Of Back Story And Politics, Not Much Else

Bethesda is keeping the mystery alive with their new Starfield trailer, once again we are left with far more questions than answers.  The area you will be exploring takes place about 50 light-years from our solar system, in a settled colony with several factions vying for control.  The system is recovering from a war between the two major factions, the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective, which has left a vacuum that is being filled by Ecliptic mercenaries, the zealots of House Va’ruun and of course space pirates, organized into the Crimson Fleet.

We also learned a bit about Constellation, the entity which your character works for.  They are more exploration than expansion, tasked with searching the as yet unexplored areas of the system and it’s planets for mysteries, about which we don’t know much about what they could be.

The trailer doesn’t show gameplay nor mysterious anomalies, mostly stills of NPCs, high tech cities and orbital facilities and nothing in the way of gameplay, unless the ramp closing at the end was done in game.  It is over a year out, so there is no cause for worry yet.  Here’s hoping the next reveal gives us a peek at what the game will look like.


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