‘Can You Solve It?’: Become the investigator of real-life crimes in new Fox Nation series

Do you have what it takes to solve a murder? Using real-life evidence, clues, and interviews, join investigators on a wild ride to crack the case – and catch the killer in Fox Nation’s “Can You Solve It?”

Every place has its stories – and some track darker than others. The Fox Nation series puts true crime fans to the test revisiting the crimes that rocked close-knit communities to their core. Fox Nation host Judge Jeanine Pirro breaks down each tragedy, bringing the clues as police discovered them.

“Here are the rules: grab your family, put down your phone, pay attention. We’ll lay out the clues and the suspects as police discovered them,” Pirro said of the series. “We’ll give you one minute to see if you reached the same conclusions as the investigators,” as she goes through the main suspects up to that point. 


One of the cases Pirro uncovers is that of a popular Brick, NJ high school student, who mysteriously vanished 17 years ago.

In 2004, 16-year-old Brittney Gregory disappeared without a trace in a charming shore town. Authorities in the New Jersey community were sent on a high-stakes manhunt in search for a motive.

“The amount of departments that came together to find her, I haven’t seen anything like that,” Ocean County Prosecutor’s Officer Lieutenant Elliot Morgan recalled of Gregory’s search efforts.

Can you solve Brittney’s case?


Pirro explores three additional crimes in the new series, going inside the murder mysteries of a fashion writer savagely killed in her New England home; the cold-plotted plot behind a teenage girl missing in a rural Tennessee town; and a stay-at-home mom brutally murdered in her suburban Michigan home. The in-depth investigations will analyze suspects, alibis, and the evidence needed to bring justice for the victims. 

“Ripples are still felt for years to come,” Pirro said of the tragedies the series revisits. 

It’s your turn to try and solve the cases: stream the series now on Fox Nation. 

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