HTC’s New Vive Flow VR Headset; No Facebook But An Android Phone Is Required

Wireless VR For Your Phone, Not Your PC

The best thing about the new HTC Vive Flow is that the $500 headset does not require you to give Facebook access in order to use it, but there are some trade offs compared to Oculus VR headsets.  The biggest is that the headset will require an Android phone, and will connect either via a 5G connection and HDCP 2.2 to mirror the video being played on your headset or Bluetooth to be used as a controller.  It is unclear if that 5G connection to your phone is required to view video on the headset at this time, but it may well be used as the source.

The optics will offer a 100 degree FOV, as opposed to the 90 degrees you get from the Quest and the two 1600×1600 displays run at a comfortable 75Hz.  It offers the same six degrees of freedom, with only two cameras as opposed to four present on the Oculus which could cause some accuracy issues.  It also only supports using a phone as a controller, at least as far as we know at the moment, which is a pity for those who already own wireless controllers from other headsets.

Technical details are sparse, no word on the processor but there is 4GB RAM and 64GB “ROM” found in the headset, which weighs a mere 189g.  Ars Technica did garner a few more details on this headset which would do The Monarch proud; located right here.

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