News Of A DRAM Price Correction Comes Fourth

It’s Nanya Business

Good news for those looking for a memory upgrade, for DRAM will be the one and only component expected to experience a price drop in the near future.   The Register quotes Nanya in their news today, there are other memory manufacturers expressing the same opinion so it does seem likely that memory prices will be dropping.  It is agreed there is currently an oversupply, the disagreement seems to be if this will be a small price correction or a large one.

The price reduction does not seem to be spreading to SSDs quite yet, as demand for NVMe drives has not slacked off at all but if you find Chrome needs a bit more system memory to open that next tab, hold off for a bit as you should see a good deal soon.  This should also be a tiny bit of good news for GPU manufacturers as the cost of one of their components dropping could help supply a bit.

Apart from the oversupply problem, the arrival of DDR5 is getting closer and that is also likely providing an incentive to start moving everyone’s current stock of DDR.

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