T’is The Season For Every Online Game Retailer To Start Their Sales

Steam Sales, Origin Sales, Epic Game Store Sales …

Prices are falling all across the interweb as the major online retailers begin their sales season, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and just plain old Autumn sales begin vying for your hard earned cash.  You might have seen alerts that games on your wishlists have gone on sale, if you haven’t received that warning you should consider yourself warned, for there are sales everywhere.

Humble is offering both a wide selection of Black Friday deals, but also wants to tempt you to join up for a year of their Humble Choice for $100.  Good Old Games is following suit, with a wide selection deep discounts of both new and old games, if you prefer their DRM free focused store.

Steam has not only started their Autumn sales, handily broken out by genre but it is time once again for you to vote on your favourite games for this year’s Steam Awards.  Amusingly Skyrim once again managed to get themselves into the mix, with the launch of their Special Edition.  Good luck remembering which of your favourite games came out this year as you pick your nominations.

If you’d prefer to snoop around the Epic Game Store you will spot Far Cry 6 on a bit of a sale, as is Back For Blood and Darkest Dungeon 2, not to mention older games or even a remaster of a certain series which used to be the benchmark for PC performance.  Those who prefer an orange coloured fall shopping experience can head to Origin to stock up on Star Wars games on sale or expand their Sims collection beyond reason for a reasonable price, not to mention a variety of other games.

Then again, perhaps it is wise to avoid them all for a few days.

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